BOX BOX BOX – SSRI Update June

With the ACC GT3 and GT4 championships ending in May it’s been a bit quiet on the website. However rest assured the team has been working hard on new championships, race calendars, fun events etc. etc. In our “Box box box” update we want to share the latest news with you.

Starting the 28th of June 2022 team Simsport Racing International has teamed up with, Simsport Solutions and Cammus to organize The Cammus Community Cup. With a £ 2.500,00 prize pool it’s time to start practicing and bring your A-game during the qualifying races that start the 27th of June.

For more information on The Cammus Comminity Cup be sure to check out our Discord, Simsport Racing International SGP and the Cammus Canva. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you as spectator or driver!

The ACC GT3 and GT4 championships have come to an end, however at SSRI we want to make sure you don’t get bored during the summer holiday season. Our Event Calendar has been updated with the AC BMW M2 Cup Series, SSRI iRacing Touring Car Season 2, Summer fun races and The SSRI Summer break Series. As most of you probably know by now Kunos is releasing new tracks on the 30th of June 2022, the “Land of the Free DLC” pack.

We are obviously all looking forward to some new tracks in ACC, therefore will organize some DLC release races on the 30th of June after the pack has dropped. Be sure to keep an eye on our comunity for more info. Furthermore you can expect that the DLC will be incorporated in the remaining 2.4h series races and the new SSRI GT3 and GT4 championships The provisional starting dates for the championships are end of August.

More info soon!

The SSRI Endurance series is currently in full swing, yesterday it was time for the 3rd event of the calendar, the 12h of Barcelona. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is 4.675 km (2.905 mi) long and has 16 corners, it’s the place where left front tires come to die. Be sure to check out the below YouTube Livestreams and be part of the action!

The race was challenging with 38 degree celsius track temp tires where melting away and the pouring rain got many by surprise. We would like to congratulate the podium:

1st Place – Team Racing Point #138 – Simone Iezzi, Alessio Del Dottori & Flavio Mancini

2nd Place – Wild Things Racing #79 – Richard Pixsley, Quinton Sill
3rd Place – DGTL Racing #42 – Casper Hougaard, Chris Johansen

We hope to see everyone on the 13th of August for round 4 of the Endurance season for the 12h of Misano. Massive thanks goes out to the SSRI Broadcasting team, Chris, Dave, Domenique, Dylan, Patrick and Tom. And the SSRI Stewards team, Björn, Demian, Rene and Ruairidh who have done a great job broadcasting and live stewarding the race. With the continous growth of the community we are looking for volunteers to join the broadcasting, media and stewarding teams. Interested? Reach out to an admin on our Discord channel.

This was our first “Box Box Box” update, we hope you like the format, be sure to share, like and subscribe as all the popular incluencers say :-). If you have suggestions or remarks be sure to let us know!

– SSRI The Place To Race

Bas van Melis

Bas van Melis

Admin at Simsport Racing International and passionate sim racer. I have been sim racing for over 10 years and have worked in sales and marketing roles in various branches including motorsports for over 15 years. SSRI's mission is to create a destination for competitive racing online. SSRI - The Place To Race

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