Simsport Racing (SSR) and Sim Racing Hub International (SRHI) have had a long association both on and off the virtual track, and we are sure many of you are part of both communities and enjoy the banter amongst all the fantastic members.

SRHI have brought us all some fantastic racing in the past with some epic driver swap endurance races, which all have enjoyed along with some very competitive GT3 and GT4 leagues which have been streamed by Simsport.

Simsport has also brought some fantastic events to the community with some very close racing and has also tried to offer alternative sims for us all to have fun with, including what looks like being a firm favourite the touring cars on AC and also Mazda’s on iRacing.

Running these large communities takes a lot of time and effort which all too often falls to a small admin team. Ambition and growth can be strangled by a lack of time and resources, and as stated above both admin teams want to offer more including different sims and more fun events to keep everyone entertained while maintaining the high standards we continually set. With all the above said we are very pleased to announce that SRHI and SSR are going to become one community,

Simsport Racing International.

This will happen from Jan 1st 2022 when most current planned leagues and events will be finished and Simsport Racing International will launch its new community with a new calendar for 2022. We hope you will all agree with us that this is going to lead to an exciting future, and we hope you all stay with us for the journey. We have chosen to announce this great news now to allow an open transition period which will allow us to start to make some changes around the communities. Anouncing the news now also allows us to start planning some fun events for everyone to get involved in and move towards a singular community ready for 2022.


I am sure you will all have lots of questions regarding the changes that are about to be made and obviously a lot of the questions will be about how it will affect you on a daily basis.

Q) What about my premium membership?

A) Premium members will still be premium members. Anyone who has paid the membership fees will still have an active membership until the 12 months has elapsed from there payment date.

Q) What changes can I expect to see in discord?

A) Discord channels will be changing to allow the addition of fun channels for none league and non-racing channels like ETS2, Wreckfest, Hunter and PGA Golf to name but a few, so you can join your mates for some banter and fun. We all want to actively encourage the positive ethos and vibes from both communities.

Q) What will be the preferred language in discord and on servers?

A) We would prefer English to be the main language, but we do understand if some Dutch is used.

Q) Who do I talk to if I have an issue?

A) We will publish a list of admin and mods as we go forward, but in the short term you can message anyone you are familiar with from SRHI or SSR, failing that just drop a GIF in the applicable channel, this is always guaranteed to get someone’s attention. Thank you for all the support you have shown SRHI and SSR in the past and we hope we have many more laps of fun to complete as Simsport Racing International.

Bas van Melis

Bas van Melis

Admin at Simsport Racing International and passionate sim racer. I have been sim racing for over 10 years and have worked in sales and marketing roles in various branches including motorsports for over 15 years. SSRI's mission is to create a destination for competitive racing online. SSRI - The Place To Race

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